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Being extremely passionate about conveying inspirational stories from expedition adventures and nature, I have been involved in motivational speaking and science communication since 2002. My talks can be tailored to audiences of all backgrounds and ages. These are the presentations currently on offer:

Life at the Floe Edge

Take a trip to the Arctic winter wonderland with expedition leader and marine mammal biologist Cecilia Vanman. Get up close and personal with the animals living on and under the ice as Cecilia passionately shares stories about fieldwork and expeditions in one of the most challenging environments on earth.

The Northwest Passage – From Alaska, over Canada to Greenland

Cecilia Vanman takes the audience behind the scenes of a unique work life as expedition leader, journalist and marine mammal biologist in the Arctic. Join this exhilarating journey following the footsteps of legendary explorers in an expedition that will take you through the legendary Northwestpassage to meet polar bears, raging storms, masses of sea ice and overwhelming beauty in the Arctic wilderness.

The Secret Lives of Marine Mammals

Marine Mammal Biologist Cecilia Vanman describes the fascinating life stories of whales, dolphins, seals and polar bears as well as their incredible adaptations to living in the aquatic environment.

An Adventurous Life

Cecilia Vanman made a topsyturvy career switch and quit the job as footwear designer to become a marine mammal biologist, journalist and expedition leader. Follow this inspirational, roller coaster ride of a life journey and hear about the wild work adventures that have formed part of Cecilia becoming the first Danish woman ever to be appointed a Fellow of The Explorers Club.

Arctic Adventures

In this talk Cecilia Vanman invites you to join her in a visit with Sirius Patrol in NE Greenland, the only elite military unit in the world to patrol by dog sledge. The adventure continues in Canada in a behind the scenes tour of a film expedition on the floe edge. Brush up on your Arctic survival skills and feel the thrill of riding a snow mobile over freshly fallen snow in the mountains and landing an airplane from 1943 on the sea ice.

Behind the Scenes in Marine Science

What does a marine biologist actually do? This talk is specifically directed at children and teenagers and at bringing classroom theories to life with examples from real work projects in the natural world.

Copenhagen Bicycle Culture

In the talk City of Bicycles Cecilia Vanman vividly describes the multifaceted Copenhagen bicycle culture with all that it entails. Her stories are accompanied by stunning images of the cycling capital captured by the celebrated British photographer Robin Maddock. Find out why the cyclo-centric Copenhageners are so in love with their bikes and see them portrayed in the streets with their favourite two (or three) wheels: cargo bikes, fixies, racers, tourers, velomobiles, home built/new/vintage and on it goes – Copenhagen holds the whole spectrum. Bikes are everywhere, all day, every day, year round.


Prices for talks depend on location, length of event and audience size.

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