It’s All About Nature & Adventure


In my work as an expedition leader and lecturer, I specialize in planning and guiding exclusive trips for yachts and natural history film crews, primarily in the Arctic. These are adventurous journeys full of exciting challenges and unforgettable nature experiences. Expeditions and guiding experience includes Northern Norway’s Tysfjord, Jan Mayen Island and Svalbard, The Northwestpassage, Iceland, Eastern and Western Greenland, Alaska and Canada.

As a lecturer on expedition cruises, I give informative, entertaining presentations on e.g. marine mammal & seabird ecology, Arctic cultural history and expedition history to people of all ages and backgrounds.

A client has described me as ‘an organized, service-minded and diplomatic person. In terms of guiding Cecilia has the most important quality, adaptability. She can ensure a plan is stuck to when needed but is just as capable to think on her feet and make revisions if the situation demands’ (Arctic Kingdom Marine Expeditions).