Cecilia Vanman – Marine Mammal Scientist, Journalist & Expedition Leader

In my role as an expedition leader, I specialize in planning and guiding journeys for private yachts and natural history film crews, primarily in the Arctic. These are adventurous journeys full of exciting challenges and unforgettable nature experiences.

As a writer, I focus on science communication, motivational speaking and reportages on travel adventure, natural history and sustainable subject matters. A couple of examples would be my reportage work on film expeditions in the Canadian Arctic, record-breaking freedivers and Danish elite military unit Sirius Sledge Patrol in Northeastern Greenland.

In my work as a marine mammal scientist, I provide independent recommendations for environmental impact assessments and the protection of marine mammals during offshore exploration and construction work. I also design and manage marine surveys/field work projects from initial phases to final conclusion and have done so in many parts of the world.

I have been working as an independent marine mammal scientist, expedition leader and journalist since 2005, when I graduated from Bangor University (UK) with my MSc Distinction in Marine Mammal Science. I have been a member of the Adventurers Club, Denmark (women’s division) since 2011 and I am the first Danish woman to become a Fellow of Explorers Club (2015).